Collect and organize your favorite music discoveries

Are you fanatical about discovering new music and breaking artists?

But why is it so hard keeping track of everything? brings it all together - like iTunes meets Pinterest.


On the Web, In Your Collection.

Bookmarks are for web pages, is for music

Collect music from your favorite web sites, will save and play it automatically.

Works with: YouTube SoundCloud Vimeo BandCamp...and many more

Power Users: Download the Browser Extension for Chrome & Safari

Surf your favorite music sites. Listen or save it for later. One click and it's in your collection.

One-Click Search & Play

No link? No widget? No mp3? No Problem.
Let search the best music sources for audio/video and instantly play songs on-the-fly.

Stop texting/emailing yourself or scribbling down new music tips

Save your latest music tip into for later -- One-Click Search & Play will scour the web for you.